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Posted on: January 8, 2010 10:08 am

James Johnson

Can some one please tell me why this guy is playing?
I know that you want to play your younger players so they can gain experience, but that is what garbage time is for. Yes I know the Bulls have not had very little to no garbage time this year, but I mean come on.
Johnson has not had any real production in any of his playing time, he has more turnovers then points. When a team is trying to win a game, you go with your best players, not a rookie that is not even ready to play at this level. He really should have stayed in school another year.
When I do get a chance to watch or listen to the games, I cringe every time that he is in the game, and close my eyes when he has the ball, cause I know it will either be a turnover or he'll put up a bad shot.
I'm all for giving younger kids a chance to develop, but it comes to a point when you just have to realize that something or someone is doing more harm then good. Now that I can blame on Vinnie, but at the same time when a player does get a chance to play, you are supposed to make the best of it, so you look good and get more time. By Vinnie putting him in when he does, it does no good for the team or James. It also takes away from the production of other players such as Tyrus Thomas, Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah, and even Brad Miller.
If this team wants to win then the coaching staff is going have to realize when its good to put in an under achiever. You win by playing your best and better players. When the team is up or down by 5 that is no time to put in James Johnson. Once again that is the fault of the coaching staff not necessarily the player. But it is the players fault for not trying harder in the game or practice.
As you may have noticed I am not a big fan of Johnson's, and that’s not his fault. I really do think that his time in close games should be going to some one that can really help this team win (see names above).
If Johnson wants to become an elite player in this league then he needs to put in more time before and after practice. When he gets in the games do some thing that benefits his team instead, of turning the ball over and helping the other team. James has a long way to go before he can be the player that the Bulls want him to be. In the mean time it does not mean that you keep playing him until he gets it (that’s what practice is for).
Now don’t get me wrong I'm not saying that he will not be a good or even great player some time in the NBA. What I am saying is that he is not ready as of yet, and the Bulls are suffering from another draft mistake.

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